Padre Pio, Prayer Groups

Padre Pio, Prayer Groups

People came to Padre Pio in great numbers wanting to help him.

Padre Pio accepted them as his spiritual children. As time went on, their numbers grew.

They discovered his dream of building the CASA SOLLIEVO DELLA SOFFERENZA (House for the Relief of Suffering), and began to form groups to help him advance the concept of the CASA. They raised funds around the world for the hospital.


Hundreds of thousands of people are visiting the Casa, the monastery, and the old church at San Giovanni Rotondo. They come there especially to honor holy days such as the birth, ordination, and death of Padre Pio.

There are literally thousands of prayer groups around the world. There is probably one near you. Contact your diocese for more information or write La Casa Sollievo Della Sofferenza, San Giovanni, Foggia, Italy.

People interested in forming prayer groups should first seek the bishop's approval, and upon receiving the approval, ask the bishop to assign them a priest as a spiritual director.