Padre Pio's Cause

Padre Pio's Cause

The Cause...

The cause of Padre Pio is being processed in Rome at the present time. Reams of reports on his life and works as experienced by people all over the world are under severe scrutiny. Perhaps no person in modern times who has been considered for sainthood has undergone such careful examinations. It is the belief of his devotees that the elevation of Padre Pio to sainthood will provide a tremendous source of spiritual assistance to people everywhere. They believe he will become a great channel of grace, and will confirm the faith of many.

Prayers Offered...

In many countries, prayers are constantly being offered for his early canonization. His devotees would appreciate all who can to join with them in beseeching the Lord to grant the recognition of Padre Pio by the church. The world sorrily needs this powerful channel of grace, this credible sign of Christ's love for us.

Padre Pio knew the greatest evil in the world -- he would be a force able to deal with it.

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