Dealing with Hypocrisy

Dealing with Hypocrisy

Padre Pio not only understood the great evil of hypocrisy, but he also knew how to deal with it.

TRUTH In the confessional he demanded "full disclosure" of his spiritual children.
CREDIBILITY is the first fruit of truth.
TRUST becomes the offspring of credibility, he wanted his children to trust the word of Christ.
JUSTICE Trust leads directly to the exercise of justice. Respect for persons and property follows naturally.
LOVE enters freely where there is truth, credibility, trust and justice.
PEACE can be enjoyed where justice and love fill the heart and mind.

Padre Pio's magnificent example in applying these six steps in attaining rightmindedness and Christlike conduct completely eradicates all vestiges of hypocrisy -- The evil that destroys families, societies and nations.

Every child conceived has a right to be born, by the laws of nature he has that right; furthermore he has a right to a period of innocence, and again in nature that right is provided. All the hypocritical arguments to the contrary cannot change it.

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